Identify 20-30% of anonymous businesses who visit your website (Without Them Giving You Their Contact Details)!


We provide 24/7 website monitoring, identify businesses who visit your site, source contact details of key decision makers and instantly notify you.


Convert anonymous visitors into leads

1. Monitor

We'll provide 24/7 website monitoring by seamlessly integrating with your existing website.

2. Identify

When a business visits your website, we'll identify them and gain insights on how they've used your site.

3. Prospect

We'll look for decision makers within the business, source their contact details and instantly notify you.

Reveal B2B website visitors

Identify decision makers

Reach out to prospects

Monetize your website visitors


Lead Generation

Identify and capture anonymous website visitors into leads, enabling targeted follow-up and conversion opportunities.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Customize marketing for specific companies by tracking their website visits and delivering targeted messaging.

Sales Enablement

Notify sales teams of potential leads visiting the website, aiding in prompt outreach and follow-up.


Competitive Intelligence

Monitor competitor website visits to uncover strategic insights, competitor strengths and weaknesses and market gaps.

Campaign Analysis

Gauge marketing campaign success by tracking website visits and conversions for optimization.

Retention and Upselling

Identify returning customers on your website for personalized support upselling opportunities to boost customer loyalty.

Easy integration with website builders

+ many more

About us

At Club Modena, we understand the struggles B2B companies face with traditional marketing methods.

Rising ad costs, the competitiveness of SEO and consistent tracking issues have put a wall between B2B companies and their ideal prospects.

That’s why we specialize in Account-Based Intelligence (ABI); a powerful data resource that allows you identify specific accounts that visit with your website.

Say goodbye to spray-and-pray marketing tactics and hello to precision targeting that drives real results.

Reach the right decision-makers when they least expect it, leading to higher engagement, better conversion rates, and ultimately, greater success for your business.

Join us in revolutionizing the way B2B companies market themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account-based intelligence utilizes advanced tracking technologies to reveal the identities of businesses who browse your website. Through methods such as reverse IP tracking, we gather data on visitors’ interactions, including pages visited, time spent on site, and actions taken. This data enables us to identify and recognize the name of the business. From there, we search for key decision makers and their contact details, providing valuable insights for your sales and marketing efforts.

Account-based intelligence collects a wide range of data to create comprehensive user profiles and understand visitor behavior. Some of this may include company names, domains, phone numbers, decision makers and social media links. This rich data enables you to gain deeper insights into your website visitors and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Account-based intelligence offers numerous benefits for businesses, including enhanced lead generation, personalized marketing campaigns, and improved sales conversion rates. By revealing the identities of your website visitors, you can tailor your marketing strategies to target high-potential leads, deliver personalized content, and optimize the user experience to drive better results for your business.

The process begins with a discovery call where we learn about your business, goals, and target audience. During this call, we gather essential information to tailor our service to your specific needs and objectives.

Once we have a clear understanding of your business requirements, we commence website monitoring. Using advanced tracking technologies, we continuously monitor visitor activity on your website. This includes analyzing pages visited, time spent on site, and actions taken by visitors.

As part of our service, we notify you whenever a business visits your website. Not only do we alert you to their presence, but we also provide detailed contact information for key individuals within the visiting company. This includes names, positions, and contact details, enabling you to follow up with potential leads promptly.

Account-based intelligence adheres to GDPR & CCPA regulations. Both GDPR and CCPA are concerned with individuals. We exclusively identify B2B companies. From there, we conduct independent searches for key decision makers. This information is publicly available. In addition, we utilize AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure so our tracker can encrypt data during transmission and storage. 

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